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Private Investments for Private Wealth

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Explore the potential of private markets by tapping into Adams Street’s private investments platform

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Leverage our expertise, thought leadership, and investor tools to educate your clients about private investments

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Collaborate with our dedicated team to deliver private markets solutions that align with your clients’ unique financial goals


Adams Street Partners Appoints Jim Walker as Global Head of Wealth

Adams Street appoints Jim Walker as the Global Head of Wealth to lead Adams Street’s growth in the wealth management space, with an emphasis on developing and scaling of products and services designed to service financial advisors and their individual investor clients.

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Private wealth

Delivering for Advisors and Their Clients

Adams Street provides wealth managers and financial advisors access to private markets knowledge and investment solutions designed to help their clients grow and protect wealth.


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Private markets can provide exposure to emerging companies that are developing exciting technologies, are engaged in the rapid growth that can occur prior to entering public markets, or are experiencing significant tailwinds from regulatory, technological or other shifts. These can often represent opportunities not available through public stocks and bonds. Learn more about private markets with Adams Street.

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